Celebrating ANRI Arcane's Character Birthday! (06.13)

Celebrating ANRI Arcane's Character Birthday! (06.13)

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June 13th is ANRI Arcane's official character birthday! 

ANRI was originally released for Synthesizer V in December 11, 2021 and ANRI Arcane is the newest iteration of her song database. ANRI Arcane is a voice database with 13 distinct vocal modes.
To celebrate, we have released a brand new original song produced by music producer Chida Sora, this song utilizes ANRI Arcane's specialized 'sumire' vocal mode that is optimized for usage for ENG→JPN XLS. This song features an original MV illustration from the artist Konya Karasue

『  分かってよ、分かってるんでしょ?(You&I) Feat. ANRI Arcane Original Song Release  』


Distribution Collaboration with AHS 

AUDIOLOGIE has partnered with AHS Co., Ltd., to localize and distribute ANRI Arcane and JUN for digital download within Japan.  AHS Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo based company that specializes in imports of digital audio workstations and encoders. AHS Co., Ltd.  is also widely known as the developer and distributor of Voiceroid, Synthesizer V (in collaboration with Dreamtonics Co., Ltd.) and a number of Vocaloid voicebanks.


『  View The Official AHS Press Release! 』





ANRI Arcane Special Collector's Edition (Redux Edition) is Launched

A very special collector's edition (Redux Edition) featuring all new box artwork from ANRI's official illustrator hieihirai and design from AUDIOLOGIE's official artist team 7Mora is now available for pre-order! This rock inspired design is the official design of ANRI Arcane's "edge" vocal mode. 



Already own ANRI Arcane's software? 

Previous owners of ANRI Arcane can pick up a software-less version of this special collector's edition (Redux Edition). 

Alternatively, ANRI Arcane Redux Edition is also available bundled with software of (Synthesizer V) ANRI Arcane for first time ANRI owners. 


ANRI Arcane Special Collector's Edition (Redux Edition) Pre-Order, physical box and merchandise will ship out in late October 2024!

※Quantity of Special Edition is limited. Artwork not final and subject to change. Items not to scale.