About Us

AUDIOLOGIE is a United States based virtual vocalist production company, specialising in voice databases for Synthesizer V Studio.

AUDIOLOGIE currently produces voice databases for Synthesizer V Studio in association with Dreamtonics. We may collaborate with other companies producing Synthesizer V vocals for marketing and distribution purposes.

Usage Rights

All voice databases sold by AUDIOLOGIE are free for commercial usage, but commercial use of character image likeness requires permission from AUDIOLOGIE. For commercial usage of character designs, please email

The singer avatars are original characters designed and created by our artist team 7Mora, who retain full ownership rights to these characters. 'Commercial usage' of character likeness refers to the act of selling the design on derivative merchandise for monetary value. For fan-made derivative work, “commercial usage” is allowed if the production units and sales units of our characters’ likeness falls below a maximum production quantity of 100. Please note that Lite versions of Synthesizer V voice databases cannot be used commercially.

Please read our end-user license agreement carefully and check the scope of use for prohibited matters listed in section 3 before using our voice synthesis software.


Please e-mail us from your original order e-mail with the order number listed in the title and send inquiries to

ANRI Lite version will be available on our website on December 18, 2021 at 3 PM (EST). Please click this link here to access trial version.

Lite Synthesizer V voicebank for ANRI is a lower/reduced quality version of the full version of ANRI's voicebank and cannot be used commercially. It is intended for trial purpose only. Please note you must accept the included terms of service to use this lite voicebank.

We have many more character vocals planned for production and release after ANRI. Please stay tuned for official announcements.

We would like to explore creating databases for other languages than English, and will work with Dreamtonics towards this goal.

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