Synthesizer V ANRI♂ - Clear Acrylic Keychain + Standee


Synthesizer V ANRI♂ - Clear Acrylic Keychain + Standee

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Product Information

An adorable clear acrylic keychain standee of Synthesizer V ANRI's official male genderbend design! This features ANDI's rock inspired alternate design holding a classic red electric guitar and stacking multiple guitar pedals. ANDI is a vocalist from an alternate universe, and his vocal settings are customizable through custom settings on ANRI Arcane's 'Serious' and 'Edge' Vocal modes. This keychain is double sided.


Product Information


Clear acrylic keychain of Synthesizer V ANRI♂ [Approx. 60mm x 40mm]

Released: January 2024. 

Type: Merchandise
Country of Origin: USA

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Designed by 7Mora.

Illustrated by K.

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